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Solar Home Lighting System Manufacturer

Akshar Enterprise is a leading solar home lighting system manufacturer in Ahmedabad. Our home lighting system is one grade. We offer a wide range of Solar PV Home Lighting Systems with standard and custom built versions. The Standard models generally conform to MNES specification.

Solar Home Lighting Systems


The use of solar operated techniques does not actually include huge initial investment strategies. Akshar Solar provides a range of solar products and solar house illumination techniques that will not only save costs but also provide maintainable, environment-friendly illumination for your house. Choose the product that you are looking for to know more. – See more at: http://www.solarledlightmanufacturer.com/solar-Home-Light.html

Solar Powered Tube Lights


Solar powered LED tube lights are ideal for home lighting. The entire LED lighting fixture can save over energy over traditional lighting techniques. The lifespan of LED based solar lighting techniques is also over 10 times greater than traditional lighting techniques.

Add to this the point that there is almost no maintenance requirement and the point that the even light provided is good and balanced for your eyes and LED based solar house illumination systems become not just eco-friendly, but also cost-efective and healthier solutions for your house illumination needs.