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Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam mulls vacuum packing of laddus

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HYDERABAD: Enthusiasts from far and extensive wanting for a flavor of the TirumalaTirupatiDevasthanam’s (TTD) popular ladduprasadam need not hopelessness much more time. For, TTD is working on extending the life expectancy of the much preferred prasadam and has now desired the guidance of the Indian Institute of Packaging (IIP) to recommend appropriate packaging methods, said a top IIP formal on Saturday.

“The recommended Tirupati laddus usually have a lifestyle expectancy of about 48 hours and TTD has requested us to recommend packaging methods that can help increase the lifestyle expectancy of the laddus as there is a huge requirement for them even from non-resident Indians (NRI),” IIP home NC Saha said on the side lines of the nationwide meeting on international styles in appearance of food, drug and large medication in Hyderabad on Saturday.

According to Saha, the institution had mooted computerized device appearance for the laddus for which TTD would need near to 60 brought in devices. “Lakhs of laddus are created in Tirupati every day. Thus they would need to set up a appearance range with around five number of devices that can package one laddu per second,” he said. The price of each device would be around Rs 10 lakh while the expense of appearance per laddu would come to just 50 paise,” he included.

“We have sent this offer to TTD and are looking forward to their reaction. The vacuum packaging would improve the lifestyle expectancy of the laddus by about 15 times, allowing even NRI’s to enjoy them,” he said.

The popular Tirupati laddus have also been provided Regional Sign (GI) certain privileges. The GI position cafes others from promotion or creating Tirupati laddus. Saha also said that IIP has previously proved helpful on such tasks for the Vaishno Devi forehead in Jammu and Siddhi Vinayak forehead in Mumbai.