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Solving Water Woes in Rural Townships

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WATER has always been one of mankind’s primary requirements but as opposed to what most urbanizes think, a efficient provide water that is fresh isn’t always available at the convert of the tap for many, even in a nation with a lot of rainfall such as Malaysia.

However, the water problems for three areas recently came to an end thanks to relief and development organization Santayana Malthusian Islamic Aid Malaysia’s “Water for Humankind,” project.

The effort is a cooperation with Coca-Cola Malaysia.

The newest group to advantage from the program was Kampung Alter Sungai Gepai in Perak, house to nearly 700 Orang Asli.

Despite being just a few minutes drive from Bidor town, the village does not receive piped water and has to depend on a clean source of water located 5km away.

With the installation of a new piping system linking the water source directly to the village, the villagers no longer have to hike for hours daily just to collect water for their everyday use.

The venture, which is still continuous, will gradually see mineral water piped straight into each family before the end of the season.

“Water and cleanliness for health is a key focus of The Coca-Cola Company in our community h2o partnership programs worldwide.

“With the set up of new pipe joints, we plan to improve their lives by providing the most basic of needs to the neighborhood,” said Coca-Cola Malaysia public matters and emails home, Kadri Taib.

The Water for Humankind program had previously modified the lifestyles of around 5,000 people when three water wells prepared with solar managed pushes and filtration, as well as proper bathrooms, were designed on the isles of Pulau Mabul and Denawan in Sabah this year and 2013.

Enclosed by the sea and a diamond’s toss away from globe renowned jump websites such as Sipadan, Siamil and Kapalai, the cultural Bajau, Bajau Palauh and Suluk areas have been sorely missing in fresh drinking water and cleanliness features.

Without piped water, the islanders depend mostly on rain water as their primary source of clean drinking h2o for consumption while some resort to buying h2o in bottles at the remote port of Semporna which is a financial pressure for the simple, fishing group.

Besides having to collect the rain water, the villagers also face the back-breaking task of illustrating well h2o by hand for their daily cooking, washing and showering, as well as for basic cleanliness.

This was before the installation of the solar power powered water wells which draw and filter fresh water and now provides an immediate and ongoing provide to the villagers.

According to Yayasan Kemanusiaan Islamic Aid Malaysia board of trustee chair Habsah Marjuni the use of solar power panel technology to power up the water pumps is in line with the foundation’s purpose to use green technology to bring solutions to the non-urban group.