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Automatic Liquid Filling Machines Manufacturers In India

Liquid Filling Machines Manufacturers

The Automatic Liquid Packaging Machine for fluids is a top quality offering that makes use of highly precise IC manages to complete the pockets with right amount of liquid material. We also offer personalization on the machines for a variety of packaging unit sizes. Our packages come consisting from top quality material so that they endure the toughest of transportation conditions and come in many sheath width that provides strength.

Automatic Liquid Fill & Seal Machine For Liquids, Paste

Liquid Filling Machines ManufacturersWe supply Automatic Liquid Fill & Seal Machine for liquids, paste, ketchup, wine, shampoo, milk, water. These are meant for packaging liquids, paste, jam, tomato ketchup, wine, shampoo, soya milk and mineral water etc.

Special Features of Automatic Liquid Fill & Seal Machines:

  • Sealing Type: 3 Side, 4 Side & Center Sealing.
  • Packaging Size: L : 40 – 200mm, Film W : 60 – 350 mm.
  • Packing Speed: 40 – 90 Pouches / Minutes. Approx.
  • Packaging Rang: 5 gms. to 500 gms.
  • Motor: 1/4 -1/2  HP., 220V AC, Single Phase.
  • Heater Load: 2 KW Maximum.
  • Dimensions & Weight: L 750 x W 550 x H 1800 (mm) and Weight 450 Kgs.