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Solar News : New Town inches nearer to solar city

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Solar City

Solar City

KOLKATA:  The Center has accepted the masterplan provided by the local govt to create Rajarhat New City as a solar city. It refers to ways as to how solar and electricity can be used in the township. It will be a Rs 400-crore venture if all suggestions are applied.

Mature authorities of the New City Kolkata Growth Power (NKDA) provided the masterplan for the Rs 400-crore venture before the Secretary of state for new and electricity in New Delhi a short time back where it was accepted after being evaluated by the main authorities.

NKDA regulators will now get ready the specific venture reviews (DPR) of several tasks to create the township as a solar town and send those to the Center for acceptance. The regulators have already prepared 12 such DPRs that will now be proved helpful upon. “With the acceptance of the masterplan, we will begin working on the suggested tasks to create the township as a solar town,” said NKDA chair Debashis Sen. In Feb last year, the Ministry had announced New Town as a solar town.

The masterplan that has been prepared for creating New Town as a solar energy city refers to ways to reduce the estimated energy demand from traditional energy resources by following two strategies – one is by use of use of solar energy and alternative energy resources and another is by using more energy efficient devices.

It has a proposal for utilizing the canals flowing through the township by laying residential solar sections on it. The authorities have also stressed on the use of mentioned of using solar water heaters and rooftop residential solar sections, replacing standby generators with solar inverters and generating energy from solid waste.

The masterplan also contains suggestions of using LEDs for lighting, use of star ranked air programmed devices that will take less power and use of engines and lovers with power efficient devices.

The specialists are also providing pressure on natural structures. Already, they are preparing changes working out to generate necessary changes in the developing guidelines, so that use of solar and electricity gadgets can be motivated. Besides, they will take up attention strategies with the help of eco groups including university learners.

Already, a lengthy expand of the primary arterial street in Activity Place I has been illuminated up with Solar LED street lights and more such lighting will be set up on various streets in the township. The regulators will work to present battery-run three wheelers to run in brief path.