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More solar street lights in Coimbatore area’s villages

Solar Street Lights

Solar Street Lights

As many as 28 towns in Coimbatore area will soon get 15 road lighting each that will be operated by solar panels technology.

The Tamil Nadu Energy Development Organization authorities had conversations with the Tamil Nadu Creation and Submission Organization (Tangedco) in this respect here on Wed. Solar street lights have been set up under the Tamil Nadu Town Habitations Enhancement (THAI) plan in 42 places in 2011-2012. Each village obtained about 10 Solar street lights.

The primary facilities for these is offered by the Tangedco. For 2012-2013, the variety of locations has been decreased to 28. Another 420 lighting will be set up in these locations under the THAI plan.

An formal of TEDA informed The Hindu that each road light would have a 20 watts LED light. A town panchayat usually has at least 15 road lighting. By decreasing the number of places and improving the solar road lighting for each town, it will be possible to cover the entire town under the solar venture. The venture is only for town panchayats. A State-level research has been performed on the effect of the set up of the solar lighting. The conference here was for Tangedco authorities in Coimbatore group.

The venture for 2013-2014 will start as soon as the set ups for 2012-2013 are finished, the formal said.