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Solar Water Pumps Very Helpful For Indian Villagers

Solar Water Pumps Manufacturers in Ahmedabad

solar water pumping system in india

solar water pumping system in india

Solar Water Pump manufactured by our company is considered simple and clean alternative to fuel burning engines as well as generators for domestic water, irrigation, and livestock requirements. We offer solar water pump in three variants that primarily include DC Surface Pump, AC Submersible Solar Standard water Pumps with Battery, and AC Submersible Solar Standard water Pumps without Battery.

These solar water pumps show effective results during warm and dry seasons. They require very low maintenance and work without any without fuel supply. The flow rate of solar power water pump can be determined by the concentration of sun as solar panels power them. Their amazing features have made us stand among the top ranking Solar Water Moving System Exporters, based in Indian.

System Concept:

A solar power electric range produces power from the sun’s light with no shifting or dressed in areas. A solar power pump is developed to implement the dc from the range effectively, even as the wind turbine differs throughout the day.

The solar water pumping system is a stand-alone program working on power produced using solar power PV (photovoltaic) Segments. AC Pump can be used with the release of Inverter in the program.

• The Pump can be used with 220V, 1Ø electricity

• The release of the customized device allows a continuous function of Side pump in choice of Non-availability of energy to completely submersible.

Solar Water Pumps Manufacturers in Gujarat

System Components:

• Solar PV Module

• Pump Moto

• Solar Inverter

• Solar Charge controller

• Battery Bank (Optional)

• Hand Pump & Modified Valve assemble

• 2 way Change over switch

• Module mounting structure