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Do You Want to Buy Solar Water Pump?

Solar Water Pump

Solar Water Pumps

Solar Water Pumps

Akshar Pumps has always been a innovator in condition of art technological innovation which has recently developed its Solar Pumps places based on its trademark developed technological innovation for the best release and value for money. It has already been confirmed that Akshar Pumps has best release with high energy-efficiency which gives 40 percent more release than its opponents and other common pumps places.

This technology neither dependent on power nor on diesel fuel, thus people at remote locations can also acquire the benefit of Akshar Solar Pumps and enhance their farming area with regular drinking water through Solar Pump. It is sacrosanct from power which effects efficiency of an individual due to load discussing and disturbed electric provide. Solar Pumps are free from problems like bird birdfeeder damage, provide cut, rate increases etc.

The broad category of Solar Water Pump – Side Pump that we manufacture and supply to our worldwide clients can be used manually without AC or DC assistance. This hand pump is useful in all areas. Water starved villages are particularly convenience by the pump. Water can be sourced through AC assistance in the night and even on rainy days where sunlight is negligible.

Recommendations for solar water pump

Through solar panel technology back up, it is suggested to keep the pump running everyday 4 to 5 hours. The water release for the pump is 18 litters per moment in 50 storks.

The inverter, battery pack and motor should be kept under ceiling / darkness and should not be straight revealed to sunshine.

While linking battery power to the inverter please note that all relationships are firmly made, so that there will be no chance of leading to etc.

After set up of the power raise hand pump, the equipment box and the engine would be effectively arranged with the manage of the pump so that stork duration is obtained.

Solar Water pumps Depth

Water Output Liters/Day

Solar Pumps Price

0  to 100 FT

10000 Lt


100 to 200 FT

10000 Lt


200 to 300 FT

10000 Lt


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