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How to create and Choose Best Solar Street light Specification

Choose Best Solar Street lights Specification

solar street light

solar street light

Nowadays very difficult for choose best specification for solar street light, But here i get you best solutions for choose and create best solar street lights specification.  Today there are many ways for make solar street lights. But first you decide which to create a BETTER solar street light specification, let’s start by taking a closer look at very bad solar street light specification from a recently released bid.

Buy and delivery of 10 solar street light systems with the following mute characteristics:

  1. Solar Cells
  2. Acid Battery
  3. Solar Charge Controller that’s Reduce low voltages
  4. Light fixture with LED lamp that produces good street
  5. Light fixture mounting bracket
  6. And Made Entire solar lighting model mounted to a pole

The main reason why this specification is so bad is because it is too unclear and thus open to a host of different interpretation. The grid result will most likely lead to the buy of cheap solar street lighting systems that offer poor performance, dependability and return on investment (all of which, quite frankly,  gives the solar lighting industry as a whole a bad reputation.

The only best way to avoid this condition is create a complete specification that establishes exact solar street lighting system design and performance parameters including:

Solar Array

  • Type and number of solar module(s) used in the array
  • Total solar array wattage
  • How is solar array mounted to the pole

Light Fixture

  • Type of Light fixture
  • Type of lamp
  • Salient characteristics of light fixture
  • Fixture bracket arm
  • Fixture mounting height

Light Level Requirements

  • Specify area to be illuminated (ex. 2 lane street, each lane 12’ wide with no median, light pole set back 5’ from edge of street)
  • Light level requirements—the more detail the better (ex. lighting on street must be .3 foot candle average with lighting uniformity rations under 10:1)

 System Controller

  • Type/report of system controller
  • Detailed description of once a night system operation—which is critically important to ensure the solar lighting system meets needs
    • Ex.  Dusk + 6 hours at full 40 Watt fixture intensity…dimming to 20 Watt intensity…returning to full 40 Watt intensity 1 hour per-dawn.


    • Type of battery
    • Total amp hours of battery
    • Autonomous battery storage to ensure reliable year round system performance
      • Note:  5 nights of battery storage should be a minimum (in certain parts of the world more than 5 nights of autonomous battery storage needs to be specified to help ensure ultra-reliable year round system performance
    • Salient characteristics of battery box and battery box mount

    Light Pole

    • Type of pole
    • Light pole must support the total weight and EPA of the specified solar power street lighting system in MPH wind loads for your particular area

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