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Incentives for installing solar energy systems

Solar Energy Systems

Solar Energy Systems

Solar Energy Systems

Set up of roof solar panel technology systems is expected to get a boost as the Tamil Nadu Creation and Distribution Organization (Tangedco) will soon start applying the Generation-Based Incentive Plan declared in the Tamil Nadu Solar Power Policy.

The plan envisages set up of 50MW under it. Household customers will get Rs. 2 a unit for solar panel technology provided to the lines during the first two years.

An formal of the Tangedco here informed The Hindu that recommendations were lately desired from the local authorities on set up of solar energy systems by household and professional customers and for common objective (such as solar street lights). Solar relationships in an area will be 30 percent of a transformer’s potential.

The customers will have to purchase two meters.

One will be set up near the residential solar cells to evaluate the energy produced.

Another one will be to evaluate the solar panel technology provided to the lines from a house or professional building and power absorbed from the lines.

Working instructions

The formal said that operating guidelines were predicted soon so that they could begin applying the plan.

Customers will have to keep the cost of meters and the cabling for setting up these. Since the Govt has declared incentive for solar energy technology provided to the lines, more consumers may go in for it, the formal said.

A. D. Thirumoorthy, power advisor and a former official of the Tangedco, said that the scheme is only for those who use the solar energy generated without saving it or supply the power produced to the grid.

The customers should be allowed to use store the solar energy technology produced. Only then would it motivate set ups, he said.

There are a variety of set ups that do not need the export/import meter as the customer might not have unwanted energy to trade to the grid.

Hence, this should be an choice and not compulsory.

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