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How LED Solar Street Lights Can Help in Street Lighting?

Solar LED Street Lights

Solar LED Street Lights

LED solar street lights are latest alternative to conventional street bulbs and tubes like HPS, MH and LPS lights. LED lighting renders an array of benefits over numerous traditional incandescent lighting solutions: LED lighting techniques are economical, environmentally friendly and energy efficient too. This smart, “green” solution for outdoor lighting needs has emerged on the green scene due to the latest hi-tech developments of LED illumination.

These are considered as a highest greener alternative because these solar lighting are recycled by green energy lighting technology. Prominent attributes of them are they are optimistically environmental friendly and energy efficient which make them best alternatives for street lighting and various other applications like lighting needs of parks, garden, stadium, industries, factories and many more.

Superior quality solar board soak up sun rays and alter them into useful electricity for energy, then charges maintenance-free battery and as a result street bulbs without human intervention switch off and on as per the need and installation. The most typical procedure of LED solar garden lights is that the solar board extract sun rays and modify it into electricity to drive approximately sixty watts solar lights bulbs. The entire procedure is technically composed by solar lighting controller, solar board and sixty watts street illumination. High quality lead acid based battery and pole of about six to seven meters in height is also required in this procedure.

Due to diverse climatic condition in different areas and dissimilar needs from different market, so the design and pattern of each component of the entire solar street lighting structure, mainly solar board and battery, are based on different things. Person can buy the best one from any licensed LED lighting products manufacturer China. From china you can easily buy superior quality street bulbs at the competitive rates.

Solar board and battery of these bulbs are based on these four basic factors and these are as follows:

  • Typical requirement of the system in a day
  • Day-to-day average sun rays needs of the power system
  • Backup strength of the power system, mainly in the rainy days
  • Working strength of the bulbs in the nights

Not only due to its eco-friendly and cost effective attributes, they are becoming so popular. There are many more reasons why the people are moving towards this lighting system over other available alternatives. Some of the most impressive advantages of these LED lights are: Lower power consumption and longer life spam. Thus eliminate high electric bills. Gradually traditional streetlights are replacing with latest environmental-friendly LED solar street lighting as they offer numerous benefits over traditional street-lighting systems.