Badal seeks PM intervention on solar pump subsidy issue

Solar Water Pumps


Punjab CM Parkash Singh Badal today desired involvement of PM Manmohan Singh for recovery of subsidy on solar pump for farming to 80 per cent. He advised Singh to direct the UN of state for New and Alternative Energy in this respect.

In a correspondence to the Prime Minister, Badal said during the period 2000-01 and 2003-04, the Center was providing subsidy for solar water pumps up to 80 per cent of the all inclusive costs and the state had set up a record 1,850 solar pumps.

However, in 2004-05, the Center reduced the subsidy for solar pumps to 30 per cent of the set up price and staying price to be carried by the cultivator, which was very high.

The PM said Punjab had more than a thousand farming pump sets and the energy need for this industry was almost 25 per cent of the complete intake in Punjab.

The decentralized creation and utilization of solar panel technology in the farming industry for water moving was the best option to advertise the use of electricity which has long lasting benefits in terms of power utilization and maintainable development, he said.

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