BEST to use LED lighting on Mumbai streets

Solar Street Lights

Solar Street Lights

MUMBAI: BEST ideas to soon substitute all streetlights in Mumbai with LED lamps: a shift that is predicted to preserve 40% power in the town.

BEST general manager Om Prakash Gupta said, “We have started the lead venture on LED lighting in a few wards which may be duplicated across the town soon. The lighting will be lighter and will help during evening time journey.” and the same will be duplicated across the town very soon.”

He included that said that currently, the BEST authorities were verifying the balance of the these LED lights, especially in case of large rainfall. and water.

A BEST representative said Mumbai has a complete 32,685 light posts and a complete 39,300 lights.

Said Gupta, “The LED will also be lighter lights and it will help people during night time travel.” There have been several problems from isle town about criminal offenses such as sequence grabbing and car stereo system robberies on mysterious streets.

A Mahim capitalist, Irfan Machiwala, said “There is a mysterious street off L J Road in Mahim and we have been stressing to the BEST in the last about improving criminal offenses in the place. The street lighting are not appropriate and should be changed.”

“We have also changed some of the lighting at the depots with LED lighting,” said a mature formal.

Gupta included that as aspect of BEST Day festivities on Aug 7, its energy customers energy customers will be presented to a service under which they can pay their expenses using their cell cellular phones. One such sub-station has already been set up as a lead venture at Morarjee Generators and there are programs to have two more of 33kV.

“We also plan to soon set up two new power substations which will take up only a little area but will serve a bigger number of customers,” he said. BEST will also present more computerized gauge visitors, allowed to examine gauge parts from a range.

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