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Vacuum Pouch Packing Machines Manufacturers

vacuum Pouch Packing MachinesVacuum pouch packaging machine is a procedure of eliminating air from in side a bag and closing it to avoid air from going back. In this procedure, air takes away fresh air, moisture, micro organisms, microorganisms etc, keeping the inner items unexposed to fresh air moisture microorganisms etc. Vacuum Packaging maintains food’s unique preferences, fragrance, color, nutritional value and quality.Thus elongates life expectancy of the product to a significant level.

Vacuum Pouch Packaging Machine Salient Features

»     High Density See through lid
»     Aluminum lid with high density see through cut out.
»     Inert Gas Flushing Arrangement
»     Additional Seal Pressure Arrangement.
»     Bi-Active Seal
»     Parallel Seal
»     Pneumatically Operated Sealing Jaws
»     Compressed Air System for Pneumatically Operated Sealing Jaws
»     Digital Microprocessor Control With 15 Memories

*       This machine can called in different name in other markets of world or they search by different name like vacuum pouch packaging machine, vacuum pouch packing machine, food vacuum pouch packaging machine, food vacuum pouch packing machine.

vacuum pouch packing machines manufacturers in India

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