Besu will turn into a solar power campus

Solar Panels

solar power(panels) campus

solar power(panels) campus

Bengal Technological innovation and Science University (Besu) has made the choice to set up a 400kw solar power place and a solar power shrub inside its university at Shibpur, Howrah. The choice is part of transforming the whole university into a solar power run university. The process of turn into a solar power run university which had began this year will now lastly turn a reality.

“Partially we have already begun the procedure of transformation. A 3.5kw solar power place has been set up which has been known as as Rabi Kutir. From the place which has been set up, Tagore lawn and some aspect of the road lighting are run. We have already finished the evaluation to set up a 400kw solar power place on the ceiling top of the primary educational developing which will be lines linked and will produce electric energy. It will be used to run the whole university,” said vice-chancellor Ajay Kumar Ray.

He included, “When we will not need the extra energy then we can offer it to the solar panel . Once it is linked with the lines then the program will be in position.”

The power which will be generated from solar power cannot be preserved. “It will be an everyday process to produce solar power. We cannot store the power since at night the power is lost. We will charge the battery power and keep it stored. Some stand alone solar led lights will be installed and also a solar power shrub which will look like the Christmas shrub and have residential solar panels which will produce power shall be set up. Our teachers and researchers at the Centre for Green Energy and Censor System have developed this solar power shrub,” Ray added.

As a result of transforming the university into a solar power hub, a huge area will have power. “This is a different way of power and no traditional power will be invested. This is the long run for mitigating the power problems of Indian. We have taken the choice knowingly. Like we are trying to do work on fresh fossil fuel power, on the other hand we are also worrying on solar power panel technology,” Ray said.

The VC rued that there is not much opportunity to produce wind energy power in Bengal.

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