Kevlar belts Manufacturer

Kevlar belts Manufacturer Ahmedabad

Kevlar belts

Kevlar belts

Kevlar belts is very particular and requirements unique interest to the design and manufacturing of any belts used in the drive.

Akshar provides a personalized remedy for such drives, offering straps which function a  special one on the sides rubber material that provides better clutching action.

These belts are consistently produced in red color, however they can also be produced in green, brownish, red, black & white.

Available in both cotton as well as in Kevlar cable designs, the range contains light responsibility, traditional, pitching wedge & narrow-v segments.

If you do not see what you need, or want to discover out if we can combination coordinate from a manufacturers part number,

Please contact us on +91-9427070583

Key Benefits - 

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  • Long lasting High quality Kevlar Belt
  • Designed for Lawn & Garden use
  • High level of potential to deal with Oil, Warm & Cracking


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