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Banaskantha village brings in New Year with solar energy power

Solar Street Light

solar street light polePALANPUR : Affected by energy lack and it’s ever increasing cost, the citizens of Dalwana town located 17 km from here turned to solar power to light up their roads while enjoying the New Year on Wed. The town saw 122 street poles lighting up with solar power.

Mumbai based precious stone wealthy Jain family members initially from Banaskantha have attracted a plan to offer solar street lights to Dalwana and around towns also to help people get rid of the night.

Sanjay Patwa, a villager associated with the venture, said, “Our town is the preparing to change over to solar power for household use also to substitute oil lighting, chullahs, LPG cylinders and conventional electric lighting. A study has been performed and a plan is being exercised. This will be very affordable.”

He said, “A solar street light pole costs Rs 30,000 of which Rs 10,000 is provided by central government while the remaining is carried by our contributors. A solar water-works system supplying normal water to 2500 inmates of the town through an over head tank is already functioning, thanks to our Mumbai based contributors.”

The contributors have also set up a collection in the town and have involved an English teacher in the primary school to educate the terminology to the kids.

Region growth official Mahendrabhai Patel said, “Banaskantha is the area of precious stone investors resolved overseas, in Mumbai and also in other declares. There really like for their local position is well known and this is an example. Others should take foliage or two from this example set by the practical individuals from the town.” One of the contributors Mili Shah was existed at the operate organised at the town on Wed.

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