Solar Charge Controller

Solar Charge Controller Manufacturers

A charge controller, charge regulator goes between the battery power and residential solar panels. The current coming from the screen and going towards the battery is regulated by cost operator. This prevents overcharging by controlling the cost to the battery power.

Solar Charge Controller ManufacturersThe rhythm size modulation (PWM) used to allow the control of the energy provided to electric gadgets, especially to inertial plenty such as engines. This progressively reduced the amount of energy used to the battery power as it gets nearer to completely billed.

Creating a niche of Solar Charge Controller such as Solar Charge Operator 10A, Solar Charge Operator (12/24V-20A), Solar Charge Operator 20A, Solar MPPT Charge Operator and Solar PWM Charge Operator at its best, with utmost quality.

Key Features :-

•    Affordable
•    Safe, efficient and reliable
•    Easy to install
•    PWM Charging
•    Temperature Compensation
•    Dusk to Down Feature-(Optional)
•    As per MNRE Specification
•    Micro Controller Based High efficiency electronics

AKSHAR solar Offer a wide range of Electronic SPV Charge Controllers / Regulators with standard and custom built versions. The Standard model generally conforms to MNRE specifications.

General Specifications and Features:-
Housing material    : ABS/MS (as per Requirement)


LED indications
- Battery charging in process
- Battery Charged  (Charging disconnect)
- Battery deep discharge (Load disconnect)
- Fuse Blown

Protection options :-
-  Battery  Reverse polarity
-  Battery deep discharge
-  Battery Overcharge
-  100 per cent short circuit
-  Surge/lightning