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Gone are the days of brought up substance surfaces included with glass splinters jutting over them as a means of safety from thieves. Solar fencing which are the recommended choice of security for organizations and sites of traditional or traditional popularity, are of delayed getting popularity among owners of individual homes and residence buildings.

More than 700 family members, such as those staying in flats at Somajiguda, Banjara Mountains, Jubilee Mountains, Gachibowli, Madhapur and Medchal areas in Hyderabad have set up solar fencing to secure their property from criminals. Those living in private areas in Medchal, Rajendranagar and Gachibowli also have gone the solar way.

“I experienced a painful time when unidentified individuals joined my home by climbing the substance wall and took pump-sets, waterflow and drainage includes and water taps. I have now get over the problem by setting up solar walls around my home,” said Srinivas, a 40-year-old Local government worker from Medchal.

Like Srinivas, many citizens, who are staying on the suburban areas, have started to protect their homes with solar surfaces to prevent thieves from coming into their houses. With increase in robberies in places and suburban areas, most property owners are evincing interest in boosting their substance surfaces with solar surfaces. The management committees of several spiritual places are also coming forward to put up the surfaces.

Companies working with set up of walls say border security is the present everyday need. Solar fencing is the modern everyday alternative to the traditional type of border protection. These are effective walls and penalize the burglar the moment he variations or tries to mess with it. Conventional walls are only inactive types and cannot avoid the burglar if he tries to get into intentionally.

Solar fencing prevent criminals by giving a distinct, short but a safe surprise and create emotional worry. The alert integrated in the system goes off when the barrier is interfered with and signals prisoners, describes Succeed Security Systems owner Sameer Hussain.

He says solar protection walls setbacks, declines and finds the entry of burglar and decreases the expenses on protection officers even while providing measurable improvement in protection. It would also provide 24X7 protection without setbacks or difficulty to residents in the building.

According to Hussian, the service is technological and works on solar power panel technology with back-up service to run uninterruptedly during night as well as gloomy days. The whole program can be separated into two sections, namely the main control device or solar power producing program with SMSS500 device and the real barrier.

The solar photovoltaic or pv component transforms sunlight into electrical power and delivers them to the SMSS500 device through a back-up battery pack. The SMSS500 device takes 12V supply as feedback and stimulates it into high voltage impulses in the range of about 7,000 V.

These pulses will travel through fencing wires at regular intervals of 1.2 seconds and the duration of each pulse will be 3 million seconds.

The barrier part is a technological structure in which multi-strands at four inches wide gap will run through the insulators, which are pre-welded and pre-fabricated to MS content. The size of the barrier above the ground/compound walls will be as per needing site circumstances. The content are organized at 10 legs gap with ideal assistance to the area posts. Extremely world packages, a blend combination of different nutrients, allows the barrier to have an ideal earthing system as solar walls needs good earthing for efficient working.

There is a supply for reducing the attack through the checkpoint as well as over the checkpoint. The springtime packed barricades organized to the checkpoint will electrify the checkpoint and triggers the alert when somebody tries to start the checkpoint intentionally. Impulses journey through the rises organized on the checkpoint and provides out surprise to trespassers.

According to Hussain, the home security system in the server room gets triggered instantly when someone tries to intrude, even while providing the intruder a sharp, short and agonizing surprise.

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