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LED Lighting Fixture ManufacturersWe are a specialized manufacturer of LED signals, solar lighting system, solar home lighting system, solar street lighting system etc. In addition to this, we manufacture superior quality solar lantern, solar led road studs, solar power packs etc. We are committed to offer value form money to our client and partners and be a part of the Go Green initiative.

With the background technology of solar and LEDs,

Phonetics derives its strengths from the following technological aspects:

Thermal management of LEDs :

Although LEDs (power LEDs) have a mentioned lifestyle of 60,000 hours. If the warm dissipation is not well handled, it significantly decreases the lifestyle. hence heat control of LEDs is an place where PHOTONICS has targeted to make the item much more efficient and classified .we select the right dimension, place , alignment and content for warm basins, as well as style the fitting to make sure appropriate warm dissipation and consequently great strength of the program.

LED Driver/ controller :

Many times solar/LED techniques don’t succeed, not because of mistakes in screen of LEDs, but because of mistakes in the car owner. The controller/driver types the center of whole system. The stability and performance of this gadgets is the key for overall item stability. Functions like best quality, energy aspect modification, attractive solitude modularity of post, volts variation specifications etc. are built-in to make the item much more efficient than any off-the-shelf available controller/driver.

Optics :

maximum use of irregular optics is very essential functions of our streetlights to be create them appropriate for road programs. The mild drops in a rectangle-shaped style (and not circular) to create sure only the street is lit and not places outside the street, thus creating the most effective use of available mild.

Aesthetics :

The look and feel of the streetlight fitting and the overall aesthetical value is strength of our product design.