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Solar Water Heaters Manufacturer



A solar water heater is the most competitive alternative to conventional the water heating methods such as electric geysers and fuel-fed central heating boilers. It makes an attractive and sustainable option, with its global submission, pollution 100 percent free nature, virtually endless supply and near-zero operational price. Solar water heaters run on a 100 % free energy (i.e. sunshine), thus saving on energy costs that help recover its initial price in just 2-4 years.

Solar water heater systems are the one the most popular application of solar technology. Solar Water Heating systems that we offer are easy to install and are manufactured in conformity with the defined industry standards. These solar water heaters consists of an absorber, a storage tank, insulation, pipes, and a clear cover. In this process of heating, the screen technology heats the absorber surface of the heating unit and a heat-transfer fluid (indirect) or the water (direct) flowing through the pipes that are attached to the absorber.

Solar water heaters are most efficient and high performing hot normal water heaters as compared to other hot normal water heaters. The solar hot normal water heaters are cheap; need no maintenance of automatic level controllers. The solar hot normal water heaters are good options to conserve the energy and reduce electricity consumption. We are engaged in offering solar hot normal water heater – industrial active (FTC) series, solar hot normal water heater panels, solar hot normal water heater systems, commercial solar hot normal water heater, residential solar hot normal water heaters, domestic solar hot normal water heaters, passive solar hot hot normal water heater and tank less solar hot normal water heaters that is a type of open loop system.