Tabletop Vacuum Pouch Packing Machines

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Tabletop Vacuum Pouch Packing Machines

Vacuum Pouch Packing Machines

AKSHAR tabletop vacuum packaging machine is a compact device able to produce high levels of device.

  1. Microprocessor centered.
  2. Sensor centered program for precision.
  3. Sturdy and large evaluate design.
  4. Fully see through lid.
  5. User-friendly usable alternative.
  6. Digital Show.
  7. Stainless metal contact parts.
  8. Emergency stop key.
  9. Electrical security systems.
  10. Initial fresh air eliminating for pocket security.
  11. Power failing air consumption program.

Vacuum Packing Machines

Akshar Enterprise presents Vacuum packaging machine. Two standard vacuum stage models are available.

Mini & Professional. The machine stage size of this device is 365 x 375 x 80 / 100 . The lid of the Desk Top device is smooth clear Polymer to notice the .complete process.. Domes form covers are also available. Electric intake of device is 0.5 Kw. Packaging pattern isĀ  3 to 4 Cycles/ moment based on the product to be loaded.