Cheat Cloud Looms Over Solar Projects

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM:As politicians from the decision Congress party in the state were delayed in the recent solar cheat, a critical government project for produce fresh energy became another victim. Officials familiar with the project testify that the state government’s ambitious project for generate 1kW power using solar panels installed on rooftops of over 10,000 households in the coming year has slowed down over the last two months.

Solar Power Energy

The project, launched early this year with Center’s economic and scientific support, is being implemented through Agency for Non-straight Energy and Rural skill (Alert). “So far the business has received over 12,000 applications. Of this, 4,500 applications have been authorized and 3,500 panels installed. However, the residual applicants are skeptical about the outcome of the project as most seem to have industrial a marked doubt for anything related to the word ‘solar’. Many of them are airing their concerns about the qualifications of implementing agencies,” Alert sources said.

However, Alert director M Jayaraju starved of that solar cheat was the cause for the hold up. “There is a slowdown, but that is not because of the solar scam. The real reason is the complexity in getting excellence panels that are imported and the shortage of technicians for installing them,” he said.

After a analysis meeting of the project last week, sources in the power section said it cannot be ascertained whether the hold up is directly correlated to the cheat. They added that there is a universal lack of self-confidence among the public about no matter which that has to do with solar power after the scam erupted. “We are formulating some ideas to reach out to the public through housing relations and alleviate doubts,” they said. Also, rupee depression is being cited by companies as one of their chief concerns as materials for the project are imported, sources said.

The venture is being applied through 21 organizations whose qualifications have been accepted by the Center. The venture price per family is between Rs 1.7 lakh and Rs 2 lakh and more than 50 per cent of this quantity is sponsored. The Center has set aside Rs 81 crore for Kerala and the condition has stated Rs 5 crore until time frame.

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