Find Best Led Street Lights Manufacturer In Your City and Town

Led Street Light Manufacturers In India

LED Street Light is a leading led street light manufacturers, exporters and suppliers in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Delhi and all over in India. We also provide long life and high lumen output.

We are playing its part in national advancement working on developing far flung areas in the countryside setting up Solar LED Street Lights in villages across India, facilitating exchange of goods, services and people to people movement in an unprecedented manner.

These solar street lights exhibit unique feature like high operational life, cost effective, environmental friendly and low maintenance.

Features & Benefits of Solar LED Street Light :

  •     Low-cost installation/instant practical use.
  •     Ultra-low maintenance and long product life
  •     Green Light Source.
  •     Dusk to dawn control unit
  •     3 days autonomy
  •     Grid-independent and No Bill to pay
  •     Low power consumption and long and predictable lifetime.
  •     Small package size
  •     Quick turn on and off
  •     LEDs don’t contain Mercury  and don’t emit poisonous gases.
  •     Less attractive to nocturnal insects

Led Street Light Manufacturers In Gujarat


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