Homes may have battery rooms for solar energy

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Small homes in the town could soon have battery power rooms to store and use solar panel technology, as is being done in Malaysia. More street lights using electricity and rubber apply technology is also on the cards to create Chandigarh into a Solar City.

At a meeting of UT authorities chaired by UT manager Shivraj Patil, it was decided all government educational institutions and universities should have solar energy plants on their roofs, wherever officially feasible. Besides, Chandigarh Real estate Board would set up solar energy photovoltaic or pv energy place at houses already constructed under the Slum Recovery Plan. Public Organization would take up solar energy photovoltaic or pv energy place installation at their workplaces, all community centers, shops, and fire channels in a time-bound manner.

During the UT officials’ conference, it was outlined that impressive technological innovation in battery pack storage should be researched and used especially for small personal homes. “Silicon applies technology” has come up and was being used instead of conventional solar panels and its possibility might be explored here.

Santosh Kumar, manager, science and technology department, told Patil that solar energy photovoltaic or pv energy plant projects at eight different govt structures have been requested, amassing about 500kw capabilities. More solar energy photovoltaic or pv energy plants at four different govt universities were under installation and likely to be requested within two months. A presentation on the solar energy panel technological innovation being practised in Malaysia and the US was made during the meeting. It revealed storage facilities in Malaysia, where 1MW dimension battery can be located in a cupboard of dimension 15′x12′x10′.

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