India will have one lakh green buildings by 2025

Solar Energy News

Currently there are 2,204 green structures, such as medical centers, resorts, universities and IT recreational areas in the country.

Solar Energy News

Solar Energy News

At a time when global warming and atmosphere have become crucial subjects of conversation, the number of green buildings is expected to increase numerous. Built with an objective to protect the surroundings by using non-toxic materials like residential solar panels, wind generators, rain water growing techniques, compost techniques etc, and natural structures are said to help in energy efficiency.

And their number is anticipated to grow from 2,204 at present across Native indian, to about one lakh by 2025, say reports by the Native indian Natural Developing Authorities. A far cry from 2001, when there was only one green building in Native indian. This increase will include medical centers, resorts, offices, institutions, universities, conference centers and IT recreational areas.

“We are seeing a lot of attention from customers who consist of IT and ITeS companies for natural structures.

They have recognized the idea and are admiring the benefits,” says satish BN, professional home at property company Soldier Honest. Professionals say natural structures are valuable not just in power efficiency, but also in cost decrease. “Green structures can help save a lot of power.

The power benefits can be as high as 15,000 MWh, while standard water benefits can be 45,000 kl,” says Syed Mohamed Beary, chairman, IGBC, Bangalore.

Professionals say such structures help preserve about 15-20 percent of the complete operating and servicing cost of a developing, exclusively office property and IT recreational areas.

According to Adarsh Vansay from Aeon Natural Power Alternatives, a 600 watts screen and a 650 watts breeze powered generator are enough to provide 4-5 time of everyday power provide for a two to three participant family residing in a 2 BHK.

“So installing a screen and breeze powered generator on the roof are useful. A minimum 300 days of sunshine is guaranteed in India so solar panel technology can be tapped more extensively. Wind generator provides versatility,” says Vansay, whose firm designs, supplies and installs residential solar panels and breeze generators to households in Bangalore. While installation of grey standard water treatment systems, for treating standard water from sinks and washing machines, proves helpful in reducing standard water bills.

What is Green building?

Green building represents a framework that is ecologically accountable and source effective.

Green structures are designed to reduce the overall effect of the built atmosphere on human wellness by effectively using energy and water, defending the occupant’s wellness and enhancing efficiency, decreasing contamination etc. Natural structures use maintainable materials in their development like reprocessed material that are made from alternative sources.

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