Institute in India to help Peru supply water to rural areas

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Peru and Mexico will soon get help enhancing their drinking water techniques from India’s first organization focused to education and research in the electricity industry, the Times of India exposed.

Peru and Mexico would implement the specialized skills of Arka IGNOU Group College of Alternative Energy in setting up solar small pumps that will help ensure a stable supply of water in non-urban areas of the two nations.

“Micro pumps are able to produce standard water 24 / 7,” head of the college S.P. Gon Chaudhri said. “The project is aimed at supplying standard water to hospitals and toilets in rural areas of these countries.”

Chaudhuri says that the project review for this task will be prepared in about two several weeks and the project will begin soon after.

The Peruvian and Mexican projects will be in accordance with the design ready by Gon Chaudhuri to put into training electricity techniques in the mangrove forested acres of Sunderbans, Indian.

“A rural sanitation plan has been presented in a private medical center in Sunderbans where bathrooms are being managed by micro-level solar pumps,” he told the Times of India.“Power is being generated through small residential solar panels and a smart operator. It will be inaugurated in Oct.”

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