Latest News: Solar Sun LED Street Lights In Ahmedabad

Solar Street Lights

solar STREET Lights

Our comprehensive variety of Solar Road Light – 7 watts provides sunset to beginning light throughout the year. Based on most advanced technology, our variety is valued for durable services and ability to hold up against step-by-step weather. Our variety provides great solutions wherever there is need for attractive light in public venues. This variety of street lighting is provided at most inexpensive price points.



  • LED luminary : 7 watt
  • Battery pack : 12v-40ah (SMF)
  • Solar component : 37w
  • Charge operator Function sunset to down Pole and increasing structure


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solar led street lights


Solar LED Street Lights

Item Code: 7-Watt


  • LED luminary  : 7 watt
  • Battery : 12v-40ah (SMF)
  • Solar module  : 37w
  • Charge controller Operation dusk to down Pole and mounting structure

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