LED Street Lights Manufacturer Ahmedabad

LED Street Light Manufacturers


We are the leading manufacturer, exporter and provider of LED Street Lights based on light giving diodes with extended life and high lumen outcome.

Akshar LED use labeled organizations content at enough duration of manufacturing chips such as Nichia, Philips, SEOU, OSRAM and PCB.

Our LED’s items are designed as specialized parameter of UAE Qualified. Consequently you can be confident about quality of our items.

AKSHAR LED is the head for Signs Solutions and Creator of LED Segments. AKSHAR provides you the best category top high quality and shine, power effective LED Alternatives for your specific needs. We stayed on our R&D to provide our clients the best products.

AKSHAR, a additional Product of Akshar Promotion, was established in 2000 as a significant company of LED Illumination programs. Akshar has efficiently become India’s first significant company of LED Illumination alternatives for an entire range of efficient lighting style programs.

LED (light-emitting diode) lighting is progressively used these days as signal lighting in many devices and also for inside and illumination by changing incandescent and neon illumination. These find their application in aircraft illumination, automobile illumination, traffic alerts, video shows and receptors etc.

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