Narmada plant model to light up UT solar park

CHANDIGARH: The UT solar energy recreation area would be built on the design of Narmada solar energy plant in Gujarat on a expand of area along periodic PatialakiRao, where water moves only during two to three months.

Solar Street Lights

Solar Street Lights

At the same time, the Public Corporation will initiate installation of solar-based LED traffic lighting, solar street lights, building integrated solar sun (PV) and other relevant solar products on a priority basis.

The secretary of state for new and electricity had determined Chandigarh as one of the 60 places to be developed as a solar power town as part of the nationwide objective of solar power panel technology. The actual viewpoint of the idea of solar power town is to ensure that Chandigarh’s power requirement is met in affordable and environmental-friendly manner. It means that after affordable performance and requirement reaction, the town depends on alternative resources of power and allocated creation, to the level possible.

For the suggested 250-MW solar plant depending on focused photo-voltaic technological innovation, an Israeli-based private organization, MST, had frequented the site in Aug 2007 on a demand by the management, but never posted the specific venture review. The organization stressed that the use of this new technological innovation in place of smooth solar panels plastic technological innovation would dual the performance of the venture, while the cost would be reduced by around 40 per cent.

The group also frequented the possible websites, Patiala ki Rao and Sukhna choe, for establishing up the project.

Resources said the management had even published to Punjab Technological innovation Growth Organization (PEDA), an professional agency, to get ready a review on the offer. In their demonstration to the management, TERI lately suggested establishing up of a Solar power PV based power place of 25 MW capabilities, the stability of which would be researched by welcoming appearance of passions.

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