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A solar energy creation device charging around Rs 1 lakh could soon not only light up your home, but also cut your electric invoice if you are able to produce unwanted energy.

In a special offer, citizens could trade solar power to the power division and balance out their energy invoice. However, they won’t be able to generate income with professional use of the system.

Santosh Kumar, conservator of woodlands and wild animals, UT, said the system has been played around with at govt structures in the city and would be prolonged to homes after getting acceptance from the Combined Power Regulating Percentage. “The attempt is to advertise zero electricity utilization in most homes with a majority of electricity being attracted from solar panel technology,” he included.

Power created from solar panels during day time could be applied fully by lighting up the house and feeding excess power to the grid. A team of UT authorities lately visited Germany to study solar generation system, preparing a report on features that could be easily replicated here.

However, the barrier was that in current meters, small needles could not move in reverse route when solar power created from home was launched to the lines. To deal with this problem, UT has now registered a case with Combined Power Regulating Percentage to get authorization to set up “bi-directional” meters.

The plan of sensible meters has been provided in Andhra Pradesh and Western Bengal but since there is no plan at the nationwide stage, it relies on the effort of the declares.

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