Pouch Packaging Machines Manufacturers

Vacuum Pouch Packing Machines

vacuum Pouch Packing MachinesWe offer top quality vacuum packing machines. These machines are highly resilient, easy to operate and ideal for plans like packaging of various meats items, sea food, medicine, electronic elements, hardware’s, vegetable curd items, medical equipment etc.

Vacuum Packaging Machine Standard Features

  • Micro-processor Based Control Board with Electronic Show to accomplish development for different products.
  • Stainless-steel Housing. No sharp sides. Easy to clean.
  • Cut-out of Toughed glass to view the appearance process from to top.
  • Entirely made from stainless-steel, throw aluminum & other non ferrous components.
  • Smooth Air flow – A constant Air Increase for ventilation process to make up stress to preserve the product overall look and content.
  • Guide machine stop button for fluids & semi liquids.
  • Plastic material Gel Dishes to make the function fast & easy.

 Optional Features 

  • Inert Gas Eliminating Device.
  • Angled Inserts with Magnetic supports for Fluids & Partial Fluids.
  • PLC Based Management Device.

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