Solar Cells OR Solar Panels Manufacturers in Ahmedabad

Solar Panels Manufacturer

Solar Panels is a very important part for create solar energy from the sun. Today many people use solar electric systems and complementary, sophisticated electronics to provide primary or backup power for their homes and businesses.

Solar Panels Manufacturers

Solar Panels Manufacturers

PHOTONICS is committed to connecting more people to solar-powered services through a nationwide network of professional dealers.

We strive to provide our customers with excellent service, superior products and unmatched value.


  • High Power Module using mono/poly-crystal
  • Bypass diode to minimize power drop caused by shade
  • Anti-Reflection coating and BSF (Back Surface Field) Structure to improve cell Conversion Efficiency
  • White Tempered Glass, EVA Resin and weatherproof film along with AI frame for extended outdoor use

100 percent Testing of all modules

We are very famous for solar panels manufacturer in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and in India. If you need solar panels, Please contact on this number :  (Kishan Patel : +91-9427070583 )

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