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Solar LED Street Lights

Solar LED Street Lights

BHUBANESWAR: Energy-efficient Led street lights will soon substitute the old lot in the town and help the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) cut down on significant power expenses by almost Rs 2 crore. The venture will be applied on a public-private-partnership (PPP) method between the BMC and a personal company.

All new lighting will be fixed with energy-saving electronic timers for automated changing off and dimming. The lighting, fixed on about 20,000 posts, will begin dimming from 10 pm and go off absolutely after 6 am.

“We have joined into an contract with a private party, which will drift a soft and decide on a party to set up the energy-efficient lighting,” said town professional TBK Shroff. He said the Worldwide Finance Organization, a sis involved of the World Financial institution, will provide technological support.

“The private party integrating the venture will take 10 percent of the income gained from the energy stored. Say for instance, if the BMC earns Rs 100 monthly, the private party will take Rs 10,” said Shroff.

IFC had contacted BMC last season in Aug and confirmed how power could be stored with the set up of such lighting. “Once the fund division provided its nod, the offer was placed before the organization, which decided to the strategy,” said BMC commissioner Sanjib Kumar Mishra.

The BMC, which has been spending large power expenses because of deficiency of energy-saving gadgets, can now take in simple as needless intake of power will be examined. Mishra said, “The BMC has been spending Rs 5 crore towards power intake. But now it will pay about Rs 3 crore.”

There will be a 10-year contract with the private party. “An empowered committee of the state government will decide on floating the tender,” said a BMC official.


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