Solar Lights on Kamduni Roads

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Lights on Kamduni Road


Lastly, a shine of light to eliminate the night in Kamduni. A number of activists – such as the Recreation area Road heir – is setting up solar lighting in the fear-struck town that has never seen a streetlight.

Some of the town’s top business homes and electricity professionals have delivered in for the effort. Kamduni is the first thing in the objective and the venture will be duplicated in all the black pouches in the town and borders where females worry to phase out after sundown. The effort has the nod of the primary minister’s office, say resources.

The first four residential solar panels will be installed in Kamduni in Sept as part of the Green Tara Public Effort imagined by the Park Street sexual assault heir and females capitalist Santasree Chaudhury. Together, they run the helpline ‘Survival of Sufferers of Public Justice’. The duo had frequented the Kamduni sexual assault individuals family last month to spread solar lamps.

“I know there was no lack of mild when I went through the pain. But I can think about how dreadful it must have been for the Kamduni sufferer, who had simply walking these black paths,” the Recreation area Road sexual assault heir said. “When we saw the females, huddled within their ill-lit shanties, we believed we must mild up their lifestyles. If solar lights are set up in their houses and on streets, it will provide them with a feeling of protection,” said Santasree.

Solar panel technology professional S P Gon Chowdhury, who is assisting the effort, said: “There is message night along a 5-6km expand from the criminal activity field. We have noticeable this area as a concern. The LED-based solar lighting will carry enough lighting. I am sure the females will feel secure strolling down the streets”

“We have utilized the CSR (corporate public responsibility) resources of top organizations,” said electricity professional Vinita Sharma. After Kamduni, the Rajarhat-Taki Street will be lit up. Next in range are Topsia, Metiabruz, Tiljala and Hastings (Alipore) where molestation problems are frequent.

The black walkways of Kamduni, only 20 km from Kolkata, haunted everyone who frequented the identify soon after the gangrape and killing of the 20-year-old higher education lady in July. Two several weeks have approved yet females are still scared to shift easily. Schoolgirls stroll in categories with an older escorting them.

“We shall begin setting up the LED lights in Kamduni’s Ghoshpara and shift on to other insecure places,” said Santasree, who has discussed Mamata Banerjee’s workplace for the go-ahead. “Green-Tara indicates sympathy. We believed it would be a suitable headline for a venture that is designed at power and protection of females through natural power,” said the capitalist who practises Buddhism.

A comparative of the Kamduni sufferer, however, wasn’t sure solar lighting will destroy the emerging worry. “The dreadful criminal activity was dedicated in wide sunlight. What is needed is a change in attitude,” he said.

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