Solar News : Tata Steel powers Odisha villages with solar lights

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LED Street Lights Manufacturers

Tata Metal, in co-ordination with Tata Power Solar Systems (TPSS) and Tata Metal Non-urban Growth Community (TSRDS), has set up 579 solar street lights in over 100 towns and sub-urban pouches of Odisha in the last two years. The effort is in line with the steel major’s concentrate on advertising different, environment-friendly types of, especially in places that do not have having access to illumination from conventional resources of power.

Although several towns around Tata Steel’s venture and functional places across the State are electrified, several roads and typical places stay under night due to unavailability of power. Offering lighting in typical places was recognized as an immediate involvement based on the needs estimated by the group, viewpoint management and change providers.

The common area illumination applied through participatory planning has assisted illumination in the towns. Often, family members are seen collected around solar light resources during times of fill losing. They also eat their last food of the day together under these lights.

People living in distant towns located around Tata Steel’s project and exploration areas often project outside their homes after night. In doing so, they threat being attacked by toxic snakes. Solar lighting set up along their routes have mitigated the chance of snakebite. The solar lighting now serve as epicenters around which the group chefs, performs, studies and performs everyday life.

During last two years, 218 solar street lights have been set up in and around Gopalpur while Joda and Bamnipal in Keonjhar region have got 211 solar lighting. During the period, 150 lighting have been set up in towns in the outside of Kalinganagar in Jajpur.

The plan for 2013-14 is to protect Gopalpur with set up of 250 illumination in 62 towns and protect 23 towns of Joda as per specifications. The strength of these illumination is greater as quality servicing by TPSS is assured. Tata Metal also programs to string in specialists from TPSS to practice a few local youngsters on the details of the solar illumination system.

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