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The social and economic benefits of using solar street lights

Solar Street Lights

For the area of LED illumination, to the end of Nationwide Technology and Technology, Secretary of state for Finance released the “city of ten million,” strategy, it is a attractive dessert. Under the strategy, 2013, 10-20 places to advertise the more than 300,000 public LED lights, a difficult computation, only 300 000 is a 15-billion market. And the private market in the LED, there are market reports, there are at least thousands of in measureable household market.

However, the writer discovered that due to specialized and cost restrictions, the present large-scale LED illumination industry is far from release, is still in the business presentation level, professional place is just in the embryonic level.

Journalists from the Shenzhen road control office is familiar with, lately, to get ready for the Technological innovation Recreation area of Shenzhen Town, an substitute way for the modification of the road, plans to set up 200 road lighting, there are already more than 20 international and local manufacturers sign-up to bid.

This is the first season, Shenzhen LED lighting buy this season, the Shenzhen Special Economic Area will buy more than 2,000 lighting, plus buys outside the traditions, 3000-4000 approximated the town will buy light. And about 20-30 in Shenzhen City, 000 of road possession as opposed to amount of this buy is clearly completely insufficient.

According to the Shenzhen road control workplace preparing and style home Wu Chennai presented, beginning in 2006, Shenzhen started the test in a number of bird bird feeder segments of LED lighting, but some low-power snacks road less than a year on the bad, from 2008 started to use some of the high-power processor LED light, the high quality is relatively constant, energy-saving impact can achieve 30-50 per cent.

It is revealed that Shenzhen has 10 LED lighting on the street test, of which about a one fourth of organizations to pay to try, and a shiny New Govt test of more than 2,000 LED lighting, 50 percent the organization sent.

“The organizations engaged in too much, the inadequate have a excellent hurry to, to do qc is very challenging.” Wu Chunhai say they analyze outcomes recommend that the present items in the mild submission in the household and international manufacturers still have a certain gap. “We chosen the 27 organizations of items, one season after the analyze run, the issue is about 15-20 percentage, the issue of the item itself.”

This outcome, Wu Chunhai that “fairly pleased.” The lifestyle of up to 10 decades this declaration, Wu said that because the test time is brief, yet can not assess. However, he considers, despite the enhanced great quality, but the technological innovation is still premature, which is identified to a large-scale marketing of the govt is not one of the factors, moreover, the great cost is also a aspect.

Journalists at the Shenzhen Huaqiang from North electronic world of the LED Worldwide Purchase Return Center is familiar with that a rounded 5W LED lights can substitute 40W incandescent light, but its cost is 50 periods of incandescent, LED light The cost is 20 periods the present neon lamp; and a 100W of LED lighting can substitute the present extensive use of 200W underhand salt, underhand salt lighting cost about 1000-1900 yuan / lighting, but LED lighting to 5000-6000 yuan / light.

Wu Chunhai said, Shenzhen LED soft will not only consider the cost, “Currently, the technological innovation is restricted, only the cost to make sure high quality.”

“A constraining aspect is the price of LED mild processor, processor consumes only 30-40 per cent of the cost, another reason is that manufacturing is not enough.” Builder Technological innovation, a product sales director, informed journalists that the present processor provide can not fulfill market requirement , household processor technology achieve, the lighting can not be obtained, the company is mainly used by the U.S. brought in treats.

However, with improved access and LED application products business manufacturing, the price of LED lighting last two decades has decreased quickly. Supposedly, the rate of LED lighting are more than 30 percent per year rate of decrease.

As the public LED road illumination industry is far from a large-scale and professional release, many businesses set their attractions on more genuine landscaping lighting, office illumination, purchasing centers and other professional illumination, illumination. As the professional illumination is considered more eco-friendly, economical, light effects and other factors, so the more identified by the industry.

While LED illumination is still in the start-up stage of purchasing centers, many companies have taken a elegant piece of the industry and has started ahead of the structure.

“The LED industry for the next five decades will be a big change in five decades, due to specialized problems impacting the price, so specialized developments can price has decreased considerably, and get into the private.” Shenzhen LED Worldwide Purchase Exchange Center Functions Administrator Juan Juan said.

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