Solar Street Light News : Tata Steel’s Solar Lights Brighten up Gopalpur Villages

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Spearheading the continuous forced towards guaranteeing total well being for its areas, Tata Metal in sychronisation with TSRDS has installed solar street lighting in towns, side-line to its venture site in Gopalpur.

Solar Street Lights ManufacturerTaking a cue from participatory planning process assisted through villagers and PRI members, typical research as youngsters groups, drinking rivers and town resource centers commonly used as conference locations for the non-urban and sub-urban population have been recognized for set up of solar lighting to the best possible utilization of benefits. So far around 500 solar powered road lighting have been set up at the typical locations in 51 towns under Rangefinder and Chhatrapur prevents as well as the Tata Steel’s recovery hives close to Gopalpur.

Along with offering durable alternatives to problems in power industry classified by unmatched fill losing in remote places, these solar lighting have turned out to be delights for the local school going learners perturbed by study fill during examination hours. This has also come as a assisting factor for the daily succor of non-urban craftsmen and subsistence of the marginalized segments of the group.

The solar street lights made available through Tata Steel’s social enrichment initiative are being proved user friendly and time tested withstand mechanical hazards and weather conflict. Along with these installations Tata Steel has made complex planning for the timely protection of the lights through establishment of Urjja Samitee (Village Energy Committee), the members being trained through professionals of Tata Power Solar System on the technical know-how for up keeping the system.

The participatory way of involving the main stakeholder in the infrastructural management practice has enabled the project with viable benefit to similar systems installed somewhere else. Tata Steel’s efforts have enabled the concerned beneficiaries who admittedly internalize the Sun beaming through night sky line of Gopalpur and beyond.

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