Solar street (Road ) lights distributed

Solar Street Light

Solar LED Street Lights

Solar LED Street Lights

10 Assam Rifles of 9 Sector AR under the aegis of HQ IGAR (South) allocated solar street lights to Sangji town of Tamenglong region under Assam Guns Army Social Action Program today.

According to a declaration from PRO IGAR (S), this venture will accomplish electrification of roads in the town and provides the town a protected atmosphere during the evening.

Sangji town is poorly affected by the irregular power source.

The solar road lighting set up in the town would be the first step towards solving their long-standing problem.

The solar road lighting was passed over by Commandant, 10 Assam Guns to the villagers of Sangji.

While dealing with the villagers at the event, Commandant 10 Assam Guns advised people to come ahead and shift gradually towards serenity and success and confident them of complete assistance and collaboration of Assam Guns in accomplishing it.

He also confident that Assam Rifles take a position dedicated for upliftment of the individuals of Manipur and will make sure growth of primary facilities in the distant areas for the improvement of the the indigent and also asked for for effective contribution and collaboration from them, the declaration included.

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