Solar Water Pumps Manufacturer In India

Solar Water Pumps

solar water pumps

A solar water pump is driven by solar power panel technology through photovoltaic cells as opposed to grid electricity or diesel run the water pumps. It is an efficient means of utilizing solar power generated electricity. The system can be used for agriculture and livestock. Solar the water pumps may be especially useful in small or community based watering, as extensive watering requires large amounts of the water.

Solar Operated water pumps are ideal for farming and related actions and are a fantastic option to traditionally powered systems. They are highly efficient, low on servicing and easy to set up and function. They are also eco friendly and decrease the dependance on energy sources.

Akshar Enterprise have presented the Solar Water Pumps appropriate for household use, for moving water from the sump to the expense container. Being presented for the first time in Indian, these Solar water pumps are easy to set up and run and use either a one board of 12 Wp or two sections of 12 Wp.

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