Solar Water Pumps Manufacturer –

Akshar Enterprise is a Solar Water Pumps Manufacturer in India. Our Solar Pumps are easily repairable at same shops like other ordinary pumps. We have best in Gujarat and more in other locations of India which is equipped with qualified engineers and latest tools. This new technology is very successful which enhance pumps’ life by many years.

Akshar Solar Water Pumps are specially designed with latest technology which lowers the risk of damages and protects it from many unfavorable conditions. Akshar Solar panels are made up of tempered glasses which are durable and a crack in a tempered glass will not impede the solar cells from working properly.

Solar Water Pumps

Name of Company :  Akshar Enterprise



Address :  

B/12, Darshan Willa,Gopal Chowk,

New Naroda, Thakkarbapanagar

Main Road, Ahmedabad-382346, Gujarat,INDIA.


Tel. No. : +91-79-22950308   Mobile : +91-9427070583


Email :




We are mentioned our solar water pumps cost list below,

Solar Water pumps Depth Water Output Liters/Day Solar Pumps Price

 0  to 100 FT

10000 Lt


100 to 200 FT

10000 Lt


200 to 300 FT

10000 Lt


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