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Solar Water Pumps


Akshar Enterprise supply to our Solar Water Pump – Hand pump that we manufacture and supply to our worldwide clients can be used manually without AC or DC assistance. This hand pump is useful in all places. Water starved villages are particularly convenience by the pump. Water can be procured through AC assistance in the night and even on rainy days where sunlight is negligible. During daytime, water can be procured through DC solar inverter. Our range offers solutions to various places of operation.

solar water hand pumps


Solar Water Hand Pump

AOV solar water pump can be managed personally without AC or DC help, it can run through AC resource and also it can run through dc resource. The villager gets water:

  • You can fetch water manually
  • You can fetch water thru ac source in the night or during rainy days when there is less sunlight
  • You can fetch water in day time only thru dc source (solar inverter).

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