To save power, money, NMC switches to LED lights

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Solar LED Street Lights

NAGPUR: In a move expected at lighting city roads and streets after sunset in an eco-friendly manner, the Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) is set to substitute salt vapour-based street lights with light giving diode (LED). The procedure to set up LED lighting began, along with the alternative of old and defunct lamppost and wires, with the status committee’s nod on Thursday.

In its conference on Monday, the standing committee passed a proposal to invite expression of interest for two works aimed at strengthening the entire street light system of the city. According to the offer, while LED lights are lighter as in comparison to salt fumes ones, they also eat less power.

Chairman Avinash Thakre informed reporters about the idea in which a private organization will be employed to set up LED lighting. “There are around 26,000 salt fumes road lighting on roads, streets and at grounds, gardens and other public places, which require more electricity. To substitute these lighting with LED ones, NMC will need Rs78.02 crore. A study conducted by the civic body found that LED lamps will help us save Rs6.89 crore per annum. Therefore, a offer has been ready to string in an organization on designed, function and exchange foundation that will set up the entire system on its own and generate income by preserving power,” he said.

Thakre included that changing of old and defunct street light poles and wires is necessary as around 12 percent of them are relaxing defunct. “This will price around Rs40.23 crore. The same organization will be given the agreement to substitute the posts and wires. The organization will also have to make sure function and servicing until its agreement prevails,” he said.

Thakre said the offer was ready a few decades ago and a perform purchase was also released but the strategy couldn’t happen. “We are anticipating the venture requires off now,” he said.

Meanwhile, the status panel also approved a offer to indicate people traversing at 23 pieces on VIP Road, marketing expenses on signboard of commercial organization, Internet centers in all 72 wards and development of landscapes on discontinued areas.

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