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Chennai: The Tamil Nadu gov­er­­n­ment ann­ounc­ed on Mon­day, a Rs 2.81 cr­ore water sc­heme for forest anima­ls, protecting four major tiger reserves and jungles areas in the state. The evaluate was suggested in view of creatures deviating into pu­b­lic places in search of water during dry spe­lls, thus resulting in damage to human environments.

To decrease the hum­an-animal issue in the state, govt suggests to make wa­ter financial institutions inside the jungles and features to fulfill food requireme­nts of wild animals within the wooded area.

Ac­cording to formal sources in the woodlands division, the rise incompatible is due to lack of accessibility to water and food for wild animals.

The govt has indicated that it suggests to invest Rs 2.81 crore to create the features needed to decrease the deviating of wild animals into individual agreements. “The gov­e­­rnment has sancti­on­ed cash to dig 26 carried bore holes in the woodlands for wild animals,” said a fo­rest formal.

Accord­i­ng to formal sources, all carried water wells will be fixed with solar water pumps. The govern­m­e­­nt is also thinking ov­er the idea of creating water financial institutions in Sat­y­a­ma­ngalam, Mudu­ma­lai, Annaimalai and Ka­lakkad Mudanthu­rai competition supplies at a cost of Rs 44 lakh.

The govt has imagined developing extra four more wild animals sanctuaries in the condition in areas like Krishnagiri, Coimbatore, Vellore and Dharmapuri, at a price of Rs 2.37 crore.

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